Kitchen Usage

  1. If food items of any kind are brought into the kitchen prior to your event, mark them with your name and date of the event. After your event, please remove/discard ALL unused food and drinks from the kitchen facility.

  2. All equipment used for food preparation/serving must be thoroughly washed, dried and returned to the place where it was found. If large pots or pans are used, they should be cleaned, and stored. DO NOT leave anything in sinks or on counters.

  3. Clean all work surfaces, stove top, refrigerator, sinks and floor thoroughly after using.

  4. Use a cutting board for cutting and chopping food items. DO NOT use counter tops for cutting and chopping food items.

  5. When using chafing dishes or any type of holding tray or container ensure that the temperature of the hot food to be served is 140 degrees F or higher.

  6. If using plastic flatware, dispose of it at the end of your event.

  7. If you need to use any appliance, be sure you have someone available who is familiar with proper operating procedure.

  8. DO NOT allow leftover food cleaned from serving utensils or cooking utensils to collect itself in the sinks and go into the drain.

  9. Empty ALL trash containers and take same to the dumpster outside facility.

  10. Return ALL kitchen equipment used to its proper storage area before leaving facility.

  11. Take ALL used/wet dish towels home to be laundry and return them back to the kitchen. DO NOT leave any towels on counters, draped over sinks, or elsewhere in the kitchen areas.

  12.  A member of the Kitchen/Dietary Ministry will inspect the kitchen after you leave it. (If it is not left in the condition in which you found it, you will be asked to return and meet the above requirements).

  13.  A push handler fire alarm will be located near the rear exit door of the Kitchen Facility.

  14.  Always use (turn on) exhaust fans when cooking in kitchen.

  15. Keep countertop, floor and table clean as possible why cooking and serving food.

  16. Worn hair net and gloves while cooking and serving food. If you pick up trash, etc. change out your gloves.

  17.  DO NOT take, lend, or borrow any GUBC Kitchen Facility belong.

  18. Need to have a nutrition and health workshop at least once yearly.

  19. Dietary Ministry will serve Church Anniversary (3rd Sunday in April), Vocation Bible Study in June, Homecoming Revival (3rd Sunday in July), Family and Friends Day in October, Pastor Appreciation (3rd Sunday in November) And Funeral Services.

  20. Continue to promote patience and creativity in the preparation and serving of food.

  21. Continue to become more knowledgeable about special dietary needs and become adequately capable of meeting those need

  22. There must not be any partiality shew (God want us to show love to all people and doesn’t want us to show favoritism, Acts 10:34).

  23. The Deacon assign to the Dietary Ministry is the Advisor of the Ministry, no one else is unless that assign Deacon okay it.

  24. Dietary Ministry must set a visible, realistic standard of servant – hood in the Church of Jesus Christ.

    Note: I.AW. the new fire code, there will be no frying are any kind in GUBC Kitchen Facility.
  1. ALL persons or groups desiring to use the Church kitchen facilities, whether in coajunction with the Ministry’s or not must register their name or the name of the Ministry, the dates and times during which the facilities will be used. A name and phone number of a contact person to the Dietary Director.

  2. ALL persons, groups or Ministry’s is responsible for restoring the kitchen facility back to original state. If not, the contact person will be asked to return to the facility to meet the necessary requirement.

  3. If the individual/group contact person finds something wrong in the kitchen prior to the use of the facility, they should report the same to the Kitchen Director.

  4. If an outside caterer is used and kitchen is not treated properly, future request for that particular – caterer may be denied.

  5. Request for the use of the kitchen should be done 30 days before the requested event or program date.

    Note: I.A. W. the new fire code, there will be no frying are any kind in GUBC Kitchen Facility.

Revised: December 6, 2019