Greater Union Baptist Church – church usage

Greater Union Baptist Church

525 Gray Road
(478) 987-0054
Perry, Georgia 31069

Please submit completed form to the church office two weeks prior of date requested to
confirm your request. Your date is not reserved until this form has been submitted.



    Requesting to Usage of (please check all rooms you would like to use):

    Fellowship Hall



    FEE: [The $500.00 amount is for the entire Facility Use. $ 250.00 for the Sanctuary and $250.00 for the Fellowship Hall. Request is submitted. $75.00 of the fee is for the deposit. Deposit will be refunded if the requested facility has been restored back to its original condition. If the facility is not cleaned, the deposit is non-refundable.]

    I/We AGREE to all rules and regulations as outlined on the attached pages. I/We also agree that any damage caused by our use of the Church and its property will be repaired at our expense to the complete satisfaction of the designated Church Official of Greater Union Baptist Church. I/We agree to assume all responsibility for damage claims of liability of any kind arising from the use of the church facilities and to hold the Greater Union Baptist Church, the pastor, the deacons and the members harmless from any claims, liability, expense, or cost connected with this use of the church facilities.